FM4052 Driveway Alarm Receiver


FM4052 Perimeter Alarm Receiver

  • FM4052 Driveway Alarm Receiver
  • Visitor Warning
  • A portable wireless alarm receiver with integral alarm buzzer
  • Simply plug into a mains socket and the unit is operational
  • Any FM detectors can be monitored
  • Can monitor up to 8 Detectors or Panic buttons
  • Up to 500 metres radio range
  • BNC antenna connector enables connection of a remote HG1 antenna if required
  • Low battery and Tamper LED indicators
  • FM4052 Perimeter Alarm Receiver
  • Click Here For Detector Transmitters
  • Factory Set Sensors and lenses
  • Chiefly designed for external use – and containing an integral 10mW transmitter
  • Also suitable for triggering of lighting and for annunciation purposes
  • Radio range extends up to 500 metres to control panel or repeater.
  • Powered by 2 quality alkaline AA size batteries
  • Battery life of the device is in excess of 12 months
  • Certainly Battery Monitored
  • Designed for use with all FM2000 and FM4000 control panels and interfaces
  • Dimensions: 80mm wide x160mm high x 64mm deep
  • All these detectors are designed to comply with PD6662:2004 Grade 1
  • Part Number 4190-GB provides a 12 Metre 90° detection pattern.
  • Part Number 4191-GB provides a 12 Metre 90° horizontal curtain detection pattern. (Pet Alley)
  • Part Number 4193-UK provides a 25 Metre corridor detection pattern with a fixed antenna.
  • Operates with any of the FM Alarm Panels or Receivers

FM Electronics Manufactured in England & Distributed By ABC FIRE & SECURITY