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Teenager Deterrent – Teenager Dispersal – High Pitch Anti-Loitering Device

What’s Anti-social Behaviour

Well it’s a growing problem worldwide, not just in the United Kingdom. We ship devices Worldwide and in particular to USA, Australia, Canada and Europe to alleviate this problem. Our Ultrasonic Generator has twice the range of other teenager deterrent devices and a massive thirty five times louder.  This makes it the obvious choice solving abuse in your private space. This generator produces a Very High Frequency sound that adults can’t hear. Its adjustable so you can target different age groups, everyone is entitled to a peaceful life. Teenager Deterrent – Teenager Dispersal – High Pitch Anti-Loitering Device. 

Our high-pitched noise deterrent System & The mosquito anti loitering device

100% Legal To Use In All Countries

 Anti-Loitering Equipment uK
Anti-Social Deterrent Device For Humans
This Device is Specially Made For Us And uses The Same Outer Casing as Other products


Specially Upgraded Electronics On This Unit For Targeting Humans
Maximum Power And Range
Ultrasonic Sonic Range Output That Meets All Requirements Of The Noise Ordinance Regulations
100% Effective Teenager Repellant (Mis-Spell) Deterrent & Dispersal @ A Fraction Of The Cost
 Low Cost Directional Ultrasonic Generator. 
 Acoustic range maximum 100 Metres – Acoustic Pressure Max 135dB (Twice The Range of others)
This Ultrasonic Sonic Teenager Deterrent Produces Very Aggressive MOSQUITO INSECT Like Sound
Tackles Anti-Social Behaviour Uses Frequency That Adults Can’t Hear
Kids Be Gone. Anti Child
You Need The Power Supply Below, Just Plug In. Distance Can Be Extended With The Extension Leads
Also Now Available Is Our Pan-Tilt-Wall Bracket. Check it Out Below. 
We have been supplying These products To The Public, Local Authorities & The Police For The last 20 Years

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