FM4605 Pet Tolerant Detector


FM4605 Pet tolerant wireless detector. For use with any FM4000 series panel

    • FM4605 Pet Tolerant Detector
    • Internal PIR with integral transmitter & antenna.
    • This Detector operates into any FM4000 series control panel or interface
    • Interchangeable lens, see product image. standard lens fitted 12 Metre wide angle
    • Pet tolerant with 1 cat or dog up to 25KG (General Purpose FM4600 Available Here)
    • Battery life is in excess of 12 months in normal use
    • Battery condition permanently monitored
    • Walk test led easily enabled
    • Fully Tamper protected
    • Maximum radio range 100 metres
    • Dimensions 110mm high x 62mm wide x 57mm deep
    • Fully supervised FM4605 Pet Tolerant Detector
    • Multiple beam 12 metre wide angle detection pattern.
    • Powered by 2 quality alkaline AA size batteries
    • Battery life of the unit is in excess of 12 months under normal use
    • The Control Panel monitors Battery condition
    • Pulse counts of 1, 2 and 4 pulses per second are selectable
    • Walk test facility to confirm detection coverage and signalling
    • Radio range extends up to 100 metres to control panel or repeater
    • Unit is supervised, the control panel knows if the device is missing.
    • Dimensions: 110mm high x 62mm wide x 57mm deep.
    • Part Number 4605-GB, designed to comply with PD6662:2004 Grade
    • Manufactured in England By FM Electronics & Distributed by ABC FIRE & SECURITY