Long Range Ultrasonic High Power Generator


Long Range Sonic & Ultrasonic Teenager Deterrent Anti-Social Deterrent Device

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  • Long Range Ultrasonic High Power Generator.
  • Sonic Teenager Deterrent & Dispersal.
  • Anti-Social Device Equipment, 100M 3X further than most. Council Suppliers
  • 135dB five times louder than others
  • We Have Been Supplying These Products To The Public, Local Authorities & The Police For The Last 20 Years


Long Range Sonic & Ultrasonic Teenager Deterrent High Power Generator

Specially Upgraded Electronics On This Unit For Maximum Power And Range.
Remote Control Device Available
its eSpecially Made For Us, but using The Same Outer Casing As Other Products
  • Up to three times the Power and Range of other units
  • Remote Control Device Available
  • Sonic and Ultrasonic DUAL frequencies
  • Operating voltage12 – 14 V/DC (stabilized power supply or 12 V Battery > 12 Ah)
  • Current consumption max. 150 mA
  • Frequency range approx. 7 kHz – 43 kHz. Pulsating like a siren
  • Connections for up to 2 additional loudspeakers
  • Acoustic range up to 100 metres, twice the range of others
  • Sound pressure is a massive 135dB and consequently 5 times louder than others
  • Loudspeaker High-power ultrasonic loudspeaker with weatherproof plastic membrane
  • Dimensions approx. 140 x 65 x 37 mm
  • Fixing Method 2 Fixing holes or otherwise use our Pan & Tilt bracket
  • Pan-Tilt-Wall Fixing Available To Specifically and  Accurately Target Specific Areas
  • Fitting Location Weatherproof
  • This ultrasonic sounder produces very annoying ultrasonic MOSQUITO INSECT sounds not heard by adults
  • Police and Council suppliers for the last 20 Years
  • The Government of the United Kingdom issued a statement in 2008
  • UK Government stated that these type of devices are not banned and the government has no plans to ban them
  • Nevertheless the UK Government’s opinion
  • However the English county of Kent has chosen not to allow the usage of these on council-owned buildings
  • People like you who are fed up with groups of kids damaging their property, and hanging around in rowdy groups
  • Consequently littering, smoking, drinking, playing music and generally preventing you from enjoying your home or business
  • You after all have tried talking to them. You have tried talking to their parents if you know them or the Police (Good luck with that_
  • Furthermore you need to take matters in to your own hands in a way that does not involve any direct confrontation
  • You as an individual have a legal right to peaceful enjoyment of your property and this Anti-Loitering Device is the most effective
  • Accordingly The Long Range Ultrasonic High Power Generator is a benign method of getting rid of the problem

This device is warrantied only if you use our special power supply
Sensible Solutions @ A Sensible Price

Long Range Sonic & Ultrasonic Anti-Social Behaviour Device