FM4000EN 8 Zone Panel


FM 4000EN 8 Zone Panel (Expandable To 64 Zones With FM4001 To Grade 2x – Suitable For Monitoring By Central Station

FM4000EN 8 Zones

  • A unique factory set code with more than 1 million differs prevents cross talk between nearby systems
  • Non-volatile memory ensures that programmed data is never lost even in the event of power failure
  • Connections are provided for a speech dialler to call you or a neighbour
  • Connections for conventional SAB or SCB siren
  • Bell test facility
  • Low Battery and Tamper indication by zone
  • Built in sounder with entry exit volume level adjustment
  • 8 event engineers log
  • Remote engineer reset
  • System can be added to as requirements change and can be taken with the user when moving house
  • Part set facility provides user protection whilst at home
  • Option of two separate alarm systems i.e. if the office and flat are on the same premises
  • Chime select. The user can set any zone to chime when an area is interrupted
  • 4 digit user changeable PIN number

FM4000EN 8 Zones

FM Electronics Manufactured in England.