FM4000EN 8 Zone Panel


FM 4000EN 8 Zone Panel (Expandable To 64 Zones With FM4001 To Grade 2x – Suitable For Monitoring By Central Station

  • FM4000EN 8 Zone Panel
  • A unique factory set code with more than 1 million differs prevents cross talk between nearby systems
  • Non-volatile memory ensures that programmed data is never lost even in the event of power failure
  • Connections are provided for a speech dialler to call you or a neighbour
  • Connections for conventional SAB or SCB siren
  • Bell test facility
  • Low Battery and Tamper indication by zone
  • Built in sounder with entry exit volume level adjustment
  • 8 event engineers log
  • Remote engineer reset
  • Add devices as needed
  • Take with you when moving house
  • Basically Part set provides user protection whilst at home
  • Option of two separate alarm systems i.e. if the office and flat are on the same premises
  • Zone alert setting
  • 4 digit user changeable PIN number
  • FM4000EN 8 Zone Panel




Not Surprisingly Modern farming often involves the deployment of expensive capital equipment and materials in unprotected areas.

  • Supplied on a ‘ready to go’ basis, with comprehensive support. use these links to select your External detectorsAlarm Control Panels, and Alarm Receivers for Farms
  • Utility Companies
    Undoubtedly The Protection of remote sites is a specialist business to which FM provide both equipment and experience. We provide effective remote security at a fraction of the cost of Man Guarding
  • Construction
    Not surprisingly Construction sites are notoriously difficult to secure as they evolve from excavation through to construction, internal fit out and finishing phases. FM’s range of wire-free internal and external detection equipment and monitoring systems provide flexibility for construction companies to protect assets as sites progress through construction programmes. .Download Rapid Fit system Hire brochure
  • Listed Buildings
  • Undoubtedly One example is Waltham Abbey where FM provided wireless security during extensive renovation work


For 20 years Police forces deploy FM alarm systems providing protection to potential victims of personal and property crime; and for specific issues such as witness protection

Surprisingly Fast and easy deployment is a key driver, as is the ability to respond rapidly to developing situations on the ground. FM portable alarms signal directly into police command and control centres.


Network Rail
Consequently Track side copper theft results in costly damage and “Train minute delays”. FM’s Sub station alarm system has proved to provide an effective, cost efficient solution for protecting Track side assets.

Church Conservation

Significantly Lead theft is a continuing problem. FM has developed and effectively deployed church roof alarm systems providing a undoubtedly valuable service to the “Churches Conservation Trust”

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