Anti-Loitering Equipment


Ultrasonic range output that meets all requirements of the EU Noise Ordinance Regulations

100% Effective Teenager Deterrent & Dispersal @ a Fraction Of The Cost

 Low Cost Directional Ultrasonic Sounder

Produces Very Annoying Insect Like Sound

Preset Frequency That Adults Can't Hear

Kids Be Gone

No wiring required, just plug in the Power Supply

Warning Do Not Tamper

Not Legal To Use On A Setting Less Than 5


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Have you had enough with Anti Social Behaviour, groups of teenagers and youths hanging around?

Alternative Low Cost Option That Works!

100 Metre* Long Range New Specially Adapted Ultrasonic High Power Sounder, Directional & Preset, Teenager Deterrent (12v DC)

Additional Ultrasonic Wall Speaker 6-45KHz

teenager deterrent

No Wiring Required

Just Plug In The Power Supply


Sensible Solution @ A Sensible Price

£139.99 £24.99
This specially adapted POWER sounder with preset frequency produces pulsating, very annoying INSECT TYPE SOUND just like a siren that grown-ups cant hear. Teenagers find these very unpleasant and try to avoid them where possible. Simply just switch on and direct it to the required target. You can just sit it on a window ledge or hang it out the window when required. EU TESTED & HOME APPROVED PRODUCT This ultrasonic wall speaker can be connected to the main generator to provide additional noise and direction angles. Maximum of 2 additional speakers can be added to each sounder. Can be extended with the cable from the extension lead below. Or ordinary 2 core flex and electrical connector strip

 More Information about this product
The Ultrasonic Sounder requires our 12vDC Regulated Power Supply

Option to buy the power supply & extension leads are offered after the sounder is added to the basket

The correct power supply for your country will be shipped


5 Metre 2.1mm Power Extension Cable

12v DC Regulated Power Supply UK/EU/AU/USA/IE
£9.99 £14.99
5 Metre long 2.1mm extension cable. With (Type A 5.5mm plug) and (Type B 5.5mm socket)

Just Plug It In


12 Volt 500 mA EU/UK/USA Regulated Power Supply (Suitable For All Countries and all our Products, Product may vary) UK Image Shown

Just Plug It In



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Ultrasonic High Power Sounder


Technical Data

Operating voltage12 - 14 V/DC (stabilized power supply or 12 V Battery > 12 Ah)
Current consumption  max. 150 mA
Frequency range  approx. 7 kHz - 43 kHz. Pulsating like a siren
LED displays  one LED each for "Power On“ and "Sound Emission“
Connections  for up to 2 additional loudspeakers
Acoustic range * Max up to 100 metres, may be extended with additional loudspeakers
Acoustic Pressure  Max 135dB
Loudspeaker  High-power ultrasonic loudspeaker with weatherproof plastic membrane
Dimensions  approx. 140 x 65 x 37 mm
Fixing Method  2 Fixing holes, Angle Brackets can be used for fixing (if Required))
Fitting Location  Sheltered location/Eaves/Soffit or fit small shelf on wall


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