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Several Choices Of Dummy Alarm Box Available. Dummy Burglar Alarm And Dummy Bell Box Complete With Battery Operated Flashing LED.

Also Simple Dummy Box or box dummy, all at www.abcfireandsecurity.co.uk/dummyq.htm<alarm box, (Live), alarm bell box, box dummy, (Without Phone Number), dummy alarm (With Flashing LED)>

Also @ www.abcfireandsecurity.co.uk/dummyt.htm<dummy alarm box, box dummy, dummy alarm (With Telephone Numbers)> Other smaller type boxes are available at www.abcfireandsecurity.co.uk/dummyc.htm<alarm bell box, dummy alarm box, dummy bell box (Small With Phone Number)>


Real Camera Housing Type "R" with a Dummy Cameras For Use In Dummy CCTV, Ideal Dummy Security Camera Solutions @ www.abcfireandsecurity.co.uk/cctv.htm<dummy security camera, dummy security cameras, (With Waterproof Logo's), dummy cctv camera, dummy cctv cameras>.

Real Camera Housing Type "L"  Complete With Fake Cameras For Dummy Security Cameras At www.abcfireandsecurity.co.uk/cctv.htm<dummy camera, fake camera, fake cameras, (With Waterproof Logo), dummy cameras>

* Calls are charged at 1.50/min